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About Us

About our Name; why this name?

"4:01 PM at the Mall". It's simple.  All the internet researchers who we have checked with still say that 4:01 pm is the peak time that more people log onto the internet than any other time of day!  Amazing and true!  We just want to be there at the right time, for you.

You really should see our Customer Rewards and Payback plan!

Our Rewards and Customer Payback is for everyone! It's for you! It's there all the time too!  Our Rewards and Customer Payback plan will give you all the reason to shop in 4:01 PM Mall! Look at the bottom of the home page for a quick description of "our plan"; then click on the link for a full description.

We give; We Promise.  To us who manage 4:01 PM at the Mall it's all about other people.  We care.

The Mall, 4:01 PM at the Mall, gives 5% of all retail sales that all of our stores sale.  We give to a variety of charitable causes (that we carefully select). On our "Giving 5% Every Day" page you may look through the ones we choose and send us a message telling us which one you would like to have us send the 5% to.  We don't just do this at certain times of year or only during special drives; 4:01 PM at the Mall gives all the time, every day, to those who need.  Please see our "Giving 5% Every Day" page.

For 4:01 PM at the Mall management it's about caring about people and for people.  It's about caring for you, our customer, every day!  It really is!