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Pencil Extender: Adjustable, Dual Head. Keep your favorite pencil a little longer!

Regular price $1.23

Item: Adjustable double-head pencil extender
Features: Holds pencils at both ends.  One end for large diameter pencils; the other end for small diameter pencils.
Size: about 5.07" (12.9 cm) x 0.47" (1.2 cm) (large end) x 0.39" (1 cm) (small end)
Material: metal, plastic
Net weight: about 8 g                                                                                                    Sold As: 1 Holder

1. The product can be used for round and hexagonal pencils, and the slip ring on the nickel-plated ferrule securely holds the pencil.
2. When your pencil is too short to hold, simply insert it into this handy tool and continue to use it, so you are no longer wasting pencils.
3. The steel ring can be moved up and down , it can be adjusted, so it is suitable for most standard size pencils.
4. The handle has the same diameter and hexagonal shape as most pencils, so it has the same feel as a full-length pencil.
5. A good choice for children's daily writing, sketching, painting exercises.