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Umbrella: Reverse Folding Umbrella. Big, Windproof Umbrellas. Automatic Opening and Closing. Paraguas para hombres y mujeres.

Regular price $66.00

Umbrella features:
This is a very beautiful sunscreen umbrella for sisters and couples.
The inside of the umbrella cloth is coated with black plastic to protect our skin from UV rays.
It is an automatic umbrella that is easy to open the umbrella when we have something in our hand.
Finally, it is also a reverse umbrella. When the umbrella is closed, the water on the umbrella
will not touch the clothes.

Product: Reverse Folding Umbrella (keeps you from getting wet when closing it!) 
Size: 48 to 53 cm radius
Material: Frame: Aluminum Alloy Tube, Fiberglass

Top (parasol): Waterproofed Fabric with inner Black Rubber Lining
Control: Fully-automatic; Closes from One in Handle Control 
Weight: 410 grams
Feature 1: Folds into 3 compartmental sections
Feature 2: Takes little space, Rugged, Light Weight, Windproof

Feature 3: Rainy Day Umbrella / Sunny Day Umbrella and Fashionable
Age Group: Adults (Colors for both Women and Men)
Brand Name: TOPX